3 Necessities work well for a Ball Of Fire?


Are you a go-getter with an abundance of energy and fire in you, always make the waves? Here is the way Facilities and Services at Gem Residences make your life easier.

Dry Clean & Laundry Services

When you’re jetting around all the time, it is an irritatjive issue for you to rush home from work and do cleaning, washing, ironing with pile of dirty laundry and messy home.

For now with in-house laundry and cleaner services at Gem Residences, it's easy for you to get someone else to deliver and collect them for you, thus your time, money and enjoy the pleasure of being home with your beloveds instead.

gem residences facilities laundry

Go Light and Airy

For a stunning home offices, you need lots of sunlight and space. Creating your personal sanctuary to a professional workplace, but still more familiar can give you more productivity as well as wash stress away. Gem Residences' design with the curtain wall will maximize the illustration to most of units. Your home offices with the elegant ambiance. Stylish solutions offer you tkhe ease and inspiration to produce more amazing ideas.

Countless things-to-do all around

Living well has never been so accessible. Yoga and dance classes, tennis court and pools as well as the wholesome cooked meals, there is no lack of options for you to take care of the health and body. All in one under your homeroof, thus no need to take time and energy to go outsides. Now work hard and play hard!

children pool

yoga class

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